Working with multiple video resolutions …

I am putting together a home movie, in case that matters, where my video was taken on a variety of cameras.  I have 1920×1080 30fps (Sony camcorder), 1280×720 60fps (Flip), 1280×720 30fps (iPhone 4), 720x480fps (miniDV).    Targets are PS3/big TV, PC, and BD or DVD disc.   The 1080p Sony footage is my most abundant and important footage.    Questions less any open-ended comments, I’m all ears.


1) What would you all set for sequence settings?    In my layman’s mind I favored the 1080p footage creating a sequence using one of the Sony clips.


2) Any issues exporting to H.264 1080p 30fps?  That format plays natively on my Sony PS3, PC, and easy to create a BD without further encoding.   Any special settings I should set when I export?   Or should I be going with a different format in this case?  I get confused on the whole when to upscale vs. downscale topic.


3) Assuming yes and yes, would you want to scale the lower resolution clips to frame size?   Or would you leave them with big black bars on all sides?   Or would it depend on which resolution listed above?


4) Assuming you said scale to frame size for all, unfortunately I was not aware of the Edit.Preferences.General.Default Scale to Frame Size setting until I after I imported.  I have spent days and hours pouring over hundreds of video clips, so going back and re-importing and editing would be a nightmare (unless there is someway to cause PP to resync with original clips achieving the same result).    So is the best option then to select the clips on the timeline and check “Scale to Frame Size”?   It looks like I can do that by selecting multiple clips on the timeline and get them all at once.    If the option is set for the 1080p clips (that match the sequence) will it just be ignored?  My footage is mixed throughout the time line.




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