Workflow questions with AVCHD footage

I copied the entire content of a SDHC card that was shot with an AVCHD camera to a folder on my desktop. I just used the Media Browser in CS6 to double click on the files to view them. I’m coming from Final Cut Pro where I had to convert all of these files to Pro Res 422 before being able to edit them.


1. Do I just leave the content of this folder as is? Do I need to do anything to the files before editing them? So if I start editing clips from this card after opening them in the Media Browser, and assemble clips in my Timeline and then export, is that all I need to do?


2. If so, to number 1, then after every shoot I would just copy the entire content of a card to a folder on my hard drive and just leave it there until I’m readt to edit it, and after I edit it the folder structure and contents of the card remain the same?



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