Why do my photos and text disinigrate quality (appear fuzzy / blurry / lo res) in premier pro cs6?

Premier Pro CS6 Question…..


Why do my photos and text disinigrate quality when imported to premier pro cs6?


I have still shots that have text and they look clean and crisp when I view them in photoshop. Why does the photo and text look so fuzzy or blurry and not crisp when I import the still files into premier pro cs6?


Is there a setting in premier that I am setting incorrectly? That is possibly blurring my photos and text? The problem appears in both my PR file and my final exported work.


Is there a way to retain the quality of the image and text that I see in my photoshop file?


Note: I am not enlarging anything after import, I am reducing though, but I would think this would only make images and text sharper????


Any help would be greatly appreciated, Im getting tired of doing all my work and delivering blurry / fuzzy / what appears to be low resolution images and text when I complete my project.


Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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