Why CS6 is Bad!

I want to select a video on my timeline…why do i have to see Ripple Edit Tool


I Push the Next Page button…and it is going to next page…based on what i realy dont know!!


I use CTRL + Right Arrow…Nothing!!


The most used button…before cs6…the magical “M”=Match Frame…Now I have to use “F”…Why?! what is the reason to change it??


And something that is the most used in tv reports or documentaries or film… IN ALL PROJECT: SET MARKER (*) why the change???


I just installed CS6 few days before..and those are few things! But lets say more :


In the source and the program windows there is the Jog and Shuttle…guess what ? … there are Gone!!! WHyyyyyyyy????


And the most ridiculous part of CS6 is : Clear In and Out : well in cs5 and previous it was just the amazing “G” but now to make the editing ever “faster” I have to click ” Ctrl + Alt + x” Amazing thanks Adobe!!


I am a professional Editor I am using Adobe Premiere Pro since a was 15 years old now i am 27 years old. I work everyday with Premiere Pro, with more than 15 hours of rushes. I have to capture, edit fast, and export them, for youtube, DVD, tapes..as fast as i can.


I have Avid cause it is not fast editing tool, I have Final Cut cause of Final cut x or something like that :s


I think that Adobe CS6 is becoming more like Avid Media Composer, that is a Negatif point and i really hope it will change its way! I think you shouldnt have changed anything but integrate the stereoscopic 3D!


Anyway it is not a blog, but i wanna end this comment by saying, that the most amazing thing that CS6 have is : Clicking on “Alt” i can fastly duplicate Audio or Video on my timeline. And I can say “The Best Tool Ever”!!


I hope any Adobe Premiere Pro technician can reply to, why all that changes that are completly not good!?


Thank you guys and my dream would be to be part of the developement of the futur Adobe’s Premiere Pro products, how is that possible!



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