What The Heck Is A Sequence?

I’ve recently graduated from Premiere Elements to Premiere Pro. Congratulations to me!!


To get up to speed, I’ve been watching quite a few videos and reading books, and one thing that keeps popping up is the concept of “sequences”. But everybody just seems to assume you know what a sequence is.


I don’t. From what I can gather, a sequence just seems to be a bunch of clips grouped together? But I’m not even sure about that concept.


What I’m really not sure of is what they are useful for. For example, when would I use a sequence versus just a regular old clip? If I put a sequence on the timeline, and then change the sequence, is that change automatically reflected on the timeline? Does everybody just usually use clips, or do sequences offer some advantages?


Also, I’m not sure if this is a related question or not, but Pro also appears to have multiple timelines. Elements only has one, so I’m not sure how multiple timelines would be used and if that has something to do with sequences.


Sorry if this are newbie questions!

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