Wake Up Dear – What’s That Noise?

We had one of those moments very early Saturday morning. My wife woke me up with that question. Sure enough, there was an odd sound. It took a few minutes to get fully awake, and begin to explore the source. I tracked it down to water running down the downspouts. RAIN! Now, most of you would never understand how the sound of rain, and a little water could be so alien, but you would, if you lived in the High Sonoran Desert. It is a sound that we seldom hear, and it might well be 9 mos., since we last heard similar.


Today looks like something from John T’s realm. The clouds are so low, that they are obscuring Lookout Mountain, only about 1 mile away. They are passing up my little box-canyon, and blocking out the view of the golf course, many 20 yards from my fence. We have had 0.5″ + of rain, already, with maybe another 0.5″ + to come. Luckily, it is slow, and actually can sink into our armour plate ground, unlike the monsoon rains, that just fill up all the arroyos and sweep unsuspecting campers down the valley.


Personally, I would give up an entire weekend, to have this keep up, because we can certainly use it.



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