Video with Transparent Bacgkround?


My second post on this forum which already gave me joy yesterday after getting my first question answered (thank you!)

I have a couple of videos with a subject not static but moving a little within definable boundaries. The background around the subject is almost uniformly black. What I would like to do is make the black background transparent. The purpose is to post a loew res version of the video on a web site, with the transparency active.

I serached the web yesterday and it looks like I will probably manage to make the background transparent (although I would still appreciate your shortcuts and tips). However, all the tuts I looked at ended up saving the video as FLV to preserve transparency. Thta’s ok for most situations except for iPad/Iphone since they don’t do FLV. My question is: is FLV the only format that will preserve transparency, as thetuts seem to indicate, or do I have other choices which are more universal?

For reference, I work on PC, Windows 8, currently using AE CS6.

Thank you for your help once again.


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