video 3 dominates video 1 slot

It’s probably an easy fix but in a preview video that was made I have a photo in video 3 placement with dip to black at each end with the title in video 1, with cross dissolve at one end so you get a nice intro.  Now in finishing the full video I run 28 seconds of footage before the intro/title.  I’d like it to have the cross dissolve into intro/title (so it’s black) with the photo having the same dip to blacks at each end above it in vid 3, it just looks better to me then having it go to dip to black w/ photo in video 1.  Ultimately I’ll probably just do that because I have to get it rendering asap but thought I’d ask.  Preview is here if you want to see what I mean, xy#.UM9zZW-oN8F

And for whatever reason it doens’t seem like the dm vid is showing intro exactly as it was saved but you get the idea. Something tells me it’s probably a fairly easy solution but one I don’t know. 


Thanks in advance.

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