Very basic questions for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (new to video editing)


I eventually want to learn how to use Adobe Premiere to its great potential, so I decided to first start out with just trimming and/or combining clips on this powerful program. I have a few questions:

1. I was able to "trim" a clip by dragging and using the Selection Tool on the timeline, without using "in" and "out." I also don’t really know what ripple, roll, slip, slide is, but I can Google those terms myself. How do I export the trimmed clip?

2. Will exporting the trimmed clip be in the exact same format/quality of the untrimmed clip? If not, is there a way to trim a video without losing its quality at all? I know accomplishing this task with CutAssistant is easier, but I want to familiarize myself with Adobe Premiere. CutAssistant doesn’t met me do frame-by-frame–only every 3 frames of trimming and even then, the product of the trimmed video doesn’t seem as accurate as it says it is (I noticed a few frames off).

3. Right now, it seems I’m exporting a clip. It’s taking an awfully long time compared to me using CutAssistant (which I know doesn’t affect the quality of a trimmed video because all it does is trimming). It says encoding… what does that mean?


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