Using scrolling text as a matte fror a focus effect

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and fairly new to After Effects too. I looked for tutorials online before coming here but couldn’t quite find an explanantion for an effect I am trying to reproduce.

The effect is as follows. A video opens with a clear picture of a person’s face occupying the whole screen (it doesn’t matter if it is a static pic or a video). Then, text scrools in from the side. The picture fades to blurred.THen larde bold transparent text scrolls in from the side and everything under the text is back in focus while everything outside it remains blurred.

I am pretty sure the effect is fairly easy to reproduce but I don’t know where to start (yes, I am that new). I would really appreciate some pointers. I am not so much looking for a ready-made solution as to understand how to do this from sctach and use it as my first AE project. I hope you can help me get started.

Thank you for you assistance.


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