Using Adobe Master Collection CS6 ME license with CS5.5

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I searched the forum but couldn’t find a thread on that matter. I’d appreciate if someone could assist:


I purchased a license for Adobe Master Collection CS6 ME and due to some known bugs I encountered with Premiere Pro CS6, I would really like to know if my CS6 license could activate a Trial of CS5.5? So I could keep working on the stable CS5.5 until an update patch that fixes the bugs in CS6 will be released. Then I’ll deactivate the license from CS5.5 and activate it on CS6. Can someone confirm if it suppose to work? I just don’t want to try things with my working license before knowing if Adobe allows that.


I already possessed a trial of Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 it case it’s not available for download anymore. However since I’m using the ME version, I also downloaded back then a trial of Photoshop CS5 ME, and I’d need to know if the individual Photoshop CS5 ME will accept my Master Collection CS6 ME license.




Gal Shemesh

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