“Use Preview Files” works in CS5.5 but is “Useless” in CS6

I’m a heavy user of the “Use Previews Files” option when exporting files. This has worked great with Premiere CS5.5 but using the same method in CS6 no longer works and reverts back to rerendering the original files in the timeline and rerendering all the effects on them which is very time consuming since the original files are HD and are being downscaled in a DV widescreen timeline.


Anyone figure out how to get Premiere CS6 to correctly find the preview files when exporting using the “Use Preview Files” option?


In the meantime, I had to load all the preview files I had rendered back into a new timeline and reassemble them in the correct order. Once I did that, I exported this 1 hour 38 minute timeline to an MPEG-2 file which only took 19 minutes instead of the 7 hours it would have taken even with the “Use Preview Files” on and with a fully rendered timeline.


Again, it works great in CS5.5 so something changed in CS6 to make the “Use Preview Files” useless now.



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