Two annoyances about rendering for preview

I wonder if there is something I don’t know about these two things that are fairly annoying to me when using Premiere all the time.


1) Rendering anything for previewing at normal speed when there are non-real time effects applied requires setting a start and an end to the work area, which involves either a few mouse movements or keystrokes, not terrible but way more than other NLEs. In Edius for example, it’s as easy as clicking on the clip to be rendered, pressing Shift+G (or whatever shortcut you assigned) and then it’s rendering. In Vegas there’s also a work area, but it’s as easy as dragging the mouse pointer over the wanted area while keeping the mouse button down. In Premiere, even if you set the work area IN and OUT shortcuts to [ and ] like I did, you still have to go to the beginning of the clip, press [, then go to the end and press ] to set the range. When this is done several times a day it becomes annoying.


2) In most NLEs, whatever the work area was set to be, if the preview rendering is stopped at some point, the rendered frames stay rendered. Even in the classic FCP (which sucks in so many ways compared to Premiere), each frame that was rendered stays rendered even if I cancel the rendering mid way, but in Premiere if I do the same I lose everything, which is absurd because the preview rendering format always has only I frames, and even if it had any P or B frames it could just cut at the end of the last completed GOP.


So are these two things just design flaws in Premiere, or have I missed something?

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