Track Matte


This is doing my head in as I know how to do it but it’s not workingfor me. It just a normal track matte.

So I made a new seq and yes it worked but only once. Made a new clip beside it and nothing happens.


so I have spent a day now trying to find out why but I have to ask you guys for help. is it me or is it a little bug.


track 1 video clean

track 2 video with three-way colour corrector – change for area in mask, added track matte to layer 3, matte Alpha.(+rgb curves+fast colour corrector)

track 3 pp title/mask.


and the same set up on the next clip but Track matte while not work no matter how much I tale it off.


Thanks again for you time and help




Cs6 mac pro 4,1 n/c 4000 for mac 16 gb all is good all drives ok.

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