time lapse proxy scaling problem

hi everyone I’m new here so i hope I’m in the right place for this.. (plus my English is not the greatest but bare with me)
anyways, this is my situation –

(I’m using premiere cs5.5)
i have a sequence of about 1000 (much more actually but that doesn’t matter) high res 16mp JPEG’s.
since i don’t have a power-full enough PC to edit the big JPEG’s i created a proxy version re-sized to 10% from the original.

everything works great, i can edit and preview and scale(?!) and then at the end render from the big files.

my problem is this –
i edit a lot with the scaling for zooming in and out the big picture.
in the proxy version everything is peachy but in the real version everything is offset.
for example if "track" a person and panning the image with him in center – he might not be in the final result at all.:faint2:

i hope someone can explain to me what am i doing wrong ? ?


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