The best Codec for Premiere CS4

I am trying to learn more about codecs, but still having trouble understanding it fully. I have a new computer, so it makes sense that I need a certain codec to install in order to view my video as I edit on Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. My footage works on Windows Media Player, and the quality is somewhat Poor when I play it on Quicktime (but at least it works).


Now a few questions I have. First, does anyone know the best codec to use for Adobe Premiere Pro? I import DV files from my camcorder, and almost all of my video files are “.avi”


Also, I notice that the codecs are different for each media player that I apply this footage to. And I simply see instructions to download the correct codec. Well first I dont know which codec would be best for my setup, plus my second question: Once I do install the correct codec, will Premiere automatically know to use that codec? Or do I have to adjust a certain setting in Premiere to make the correct codec function? I could not see any setting that allowed me to change the codec…


Anyone’s help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


-Rick Phillips

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