Still Image Frame Duration is a Big Fat Lier^_^

I’m using Premiere to create storyboards so that I can pre-edit a scene using storyboard images drawn in photoshop.

The images are imported as .psd files.

The timing for most of the shots is about 17 frames on my 24p timeline, so I went in and set the default still image duration to 17. …you think that’d work right?


Once I import images, I can see in the project panel that the durations are 17 frames.  Yay!  However, when I drop them onto the timeline it says they are 14 frames long.  I have to change the default image duration to 21 to get them to be 17 frames on the timeline.  If I change the default image duration to 30 frames…they are magically all made to be 1 second long. Even on a 24p timeline. ?!?!?!  Thanks for stealing 6 frames Adobe.  I understand drop-frames for certain timelines etc…but…correct me if I’m wrong…


I always thought a FRAME was a FRAME. …a frames duration is determined by the frame rate and NOTHING ELSE.



17 frames should = 17 frames.  No matter what timeline you drop it on.  Naturally 17 frames on a 24p timeline and 17 frames on a 60p timeline will have different relative durations in time…but if we wanted that, we would specify image duration in units of TIME, not in frames. If you want to yank frames out of image durations, you should have us specify image duration in SECONDS (just like you do audio transitions), not frames. I really think Adobe should give us the ability to decide on a default duration using the unit of our choice. (time/seconds or frames)


It’s incredibly misleading and frustrating to treat frames like predetermined units of time.


Tsk Tsk Adobe.

Now you’ve gone and made me mad.


Anyone know something I don’t about this?  Can this be fixed and/or is there a work around other than offsetting frames until I get images the desired relative length?  It looks like Adobe is stuck on 30p formatting for image frame rates.  This shouldn’t be so.

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