Some Newby basic questions

My question is: "What tool, or tools, would I need to learn?"

My profile:
– I’ve never edited video.
– I’m competent in a number of programming languages.
– I know how to do most of what I imagine in Photoshop.
– I’ve built some basic compositions in 3D Studio.

My objective: (I don’t know the correct terms for this world, so I’ll try in plain English).
I’d like to be be able to film a number of videos and process them to make a music video. For that I’d need a tool that would allow me to:
– Cut portions of the videos.
– Alter some of those fragments’ usual visual characteristics (as for a picture)
– Alter some of those fragments’ video specific parameters: for example manipulate the fps (to accelerate or slow down the fragment),
– Assemble them in a timeline with enough precision to be able to match the video with an audio track.

Is what I’m asking very basic? Or one of the hardest tasks in video editing. What are the correct tools for this? Is this the correct sub-forum for this question?

Thank you for your answers.

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