Slow down and blend effect not working together



I have 2 footages coming from 2 different cameras that were recording the same event and I am using Premiere CS6.


I have each footage in a video track and  slowed them down both to 40% . Then I want to use blend effect, so at the last third of one scene, the other kicks in, since camera 2 was set for a close shot.


However, although blend effect works great with scenes that are in original speed, I could not make it work when speed is changed! It seems like it blends with a totally different clip – that exists in timeline and is in the same track as I wanted scene 2 to blend in.


At the moment I change speed setting (or time remap), the scene 2, in which I applied blend effect, loses is reference for scene 1 .


Any thoughts on how to blend slowed down scenes without having to export slowed down first then blending output files?


Thank you!

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