Slightly Complex picture in picture collage typed thing question

I’m making a sort of music video, i’d like to get an effect similar to this video. But I’m a little unsure about the best way to go about it.

one thing that’s making it a little difficult, is that every instrument played will be recorded separately, but those separate audio tracks will be rendered to a single track, which the videos will need to be synced with.

i think i have the syncing sort of figured out, but i mentioned it, because i’m wondering what would be the best program to use to get this sort of effect, which would be the fastest and easiest, after effects or premiere.

After effects seems much more simple to me for masking and getting the videos where i want them, but from my very limited knowledge, seems like it might be more difficult to get the whole syncing thing working out easily.

adobe premiere on the other hand seems like the opposite, more time consuming and difficult to get the picture in picture sort of thing, but better suited for syncing the audio.

It would be cool also, if i could have the frames kind of pop in or slide in from the side and stuff, but i guess that would really have to be after effects, i’m just not sure the best way to go about syncing with after effects. but maybe it’s not so bad.

any ideas, or links to useful youtube videos would be really helpful. or even just the best way to describe this sort of editing would be great.I looked through youtube videos already, but none i have found so far really helped me for my specific need.

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