Simple Backup Possible?

Hi All,


New Premiere Pro guy here, so I’m reaching out with what might be a dumb question, but hopefully you can help.


I use Premiere Pro CS6 (on Win 7 PC) and am looking for a very simple way to make sure I’m backed up with my film projects.  Right now, all my original footage (video and audio files) is on an 2TB external hard drive.  So my question is this: I have an extra and separate 3 TB hard drive I want to use for backups.  Can I just store a copy of the the original footage files along with a copy of the .PRPROJ file onto this extra 3 TB hard drive and call it a day?  Or are there files I need in addition to the footage, and in addition to the .PRPROJ file, in order be fully backed up with my film projects?


Thanks, Matt

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