Shaky video after encoding to mpeg2dvd from prempro 6

I’m editing some videos for a client.  He shoots with a Sony 150 and I’m capturing 1494 dv ntsc standard 48mghz.  In editing there areno shaky clips i.e. interlace effect.  However, after encoding using the media encoder to mpeg2-dvd, vbr, 4min, 7 max, target 5, 2 passes, I have extemely shaky clips.  Is there a better codec?  Any suggestions?   Can I purchase a codec plugin that will eliminate this problem?  Any suggestions are welcome!  I’ve also tried exporting directly into encore using the same settings as above and still have the same results.  I tried deinterlacing and flicker removal within prempro 6. before encoding and that does help the shakiness, however, there is considerable loss of video quality.  Thanks.

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