Set default audio track for playback in Source monitor

So I’m an editor that is somewhat new to the profession and I am working on a project right now with close to 100 video clips in my project. Most of the clips have their audio recorded to track 2 but when I load the clips into the source window to find the footage asked for in my script there is no audio playback.


They play fine in the program monitor once placed in a timeline, because I have all the audio tracks are turned on until I do my mastering at the end of the project. To get audio playback in the source monitor I have to change the view option to audio waveform which shows a blank screen because there is no audio on track. I then go to the drop-down menu just below the video display and select track 2 at which point the audio waveform shows up and plays back fine. This isn’t too arduous a process and isn’t a great burden but it slows my workflow down considerably as I have to repeat the process for each new clip I load into the source monitor.


My question then is if there is anywhere in Premiere that I can set which audio track is the default audio playback track for clips loaded in the source monitor. I work on a lot of similar projects like this for the same client and they don’t have the most rigorous standards for their shooters. This problem has come up before and will most assuredly arise again in the future so any tips/advice on how to fix this on my end would be much appreciated.



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