Set Background Color of Sequence, without using a Video Track

Hi, can I set the background color of a sequence, without using a video track for a white image file or such … I assume this would always need rendering when I preview. Also the idea of the project is a white bgd and evrything with an alpha channel needs to key infront of a white background … same counts for all text … + I don’t want to waste the most present video track in the vertical middle of the timeline for 1 single background item.


Seems to be a very standard task that must be used extremely often if people use Premiere for multi media movies.


Heaven’t seen a background color option in the sequence settings or project settings or Edit/Preferences … F1 or google pulls out a lot about keying or layering but when it comes to the simple question of defining the background color of the sequence without using a video track for it … didn’t find anything.


Does anyone know if and how that works ?




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