Rate Stretch Tool doesn’t stretch a single frame clip

Common workflow- place clip, position, clip last frame, and stretch for some duration. Issue being that the rate stretch tool doesn’t stretch a single frame unless the timeline view has been all the way zoomed in. So everytime I want to stretch a single frame, I need to zoom completely in, stretch it by some amount, rarely the amount I need, then zoom out further to place it.


One thing that is confusing is that the icon changes based on context, if it is something that I am currently unable to do, the icon shows a red X, so when it shows its normal symbol, I am led to believe that it can be grabbed and stretched. Not the case.


I tried turning ‘snap’ off, so I could be sure that that wasn’t part of the issue, but the same thing happens.


Wondering if anyone has else experienced this behavior, and if you know how to prevent it. Thanks!


Also, in general, the tools work kind of klunky in the timeline, it’s like the UI can’t decide if you want to click on something, move it, snap it, trim it, etc.

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