Project Nightmare: Video Clips automatically rearrange themselves?!

Hi, I have many years of experience doing editing, however something has baffled me in recent years.

A few years ago I was tasked to film and edit a video. Because of the large amount of footage (Around 100 GB because I wasn’t efficient with formatting back then) I ran all the clips from an external hard drive. The problem was that the day after I had done most of the editing, I was surprised to re-open the project file to see all the clips had been rearranged. For example, Clip #5 now had the footage of Clip #80 (Same name, different footage) and some of the clips somehow duplicated themeselves over each other which meant some of the footage ended up getting lost. At first, I thought this was an Adobe Premiere problem, but it wasn’t since the clips had rearranged themselves from within the hard drive itself. Having to go through several days of proofreading the video and getting input about making changes made this project maddening since it was a random pandora’s box every time. Each time I opened the project file, the clips had somehow rearranged themselves a different way. I figured through experimentation out that running them from my hard drive was the problem since it didn’t happen when I had transferred the footage to my computer. After finally finishing the project, I deleted all the footage off of my computer and left the original copies alone on my hard drive.

Recently, I’ve had to go back to the project to re-render it and remove one or two things. I thought that since I hadn’t tampered with the footage since that time a few years ago and I was doing it right by sending it into my computer before I let Premiere use it that this wouldn’t be a problem. NOPE! The footage has somehow rearranged itself AGAIN since all those years ago. Now my project file is mixed up with most of the clips now being the wrong. I can fix some of them by looking through the messed up footage and using the Replace Clip function, but quite a few clips have been seemingly destroyed with some of the random duplication.

Can anybody explain to me why/how this is happening and if there is something that can be done to fix it?

I’ve edited hundreds of videos over the years. To this day I’ve never had a project do stuff like this besides this one.

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