“project cannot be loaded it may be damanged…”

I am using Premiere CS6 on a Macbook Pro and am in the middle of editing a huge project. I went to open the project today and got this error.


“the project cannot be loaded it may be damaged or contain outdated elements”


I have no idea how or why this is happened.




What I have tried:



1. Starting a new project and importing the entire project. I get the same error message.


2. Starting a new project and importing just the sequences. Premiere just stalls.


3. Cleaning the Media Cache.


4. Uninstalling then re-installing Premiere.


5. Importing the project into After Effects. I get an error message.


6. The auto-save files open, but the latest one is quite old.


7. Duplicating the project file.


8. Moving the project file and file structure to a new directory.



None of these have worked!



Any other ideas?

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