Problems with CS6+Youtube

I’ve got a big problem. I bought CS6 in order to be able to freely edit my youtube gaming videos to add simple watermarks, overlay titles and the odd fade in/out… For whatever reason, CS6 when I finally do finish that it kills the quality (completely), adds a border and additionally proceeds to have the time be in a format that isn’t uploadable. My beginning files are filmed with Bandicam and come out at 700×480 .avi files with MJPEG video codec and PCM audio codec. These work perfectly and upload easy, but adding a simple title that fades out, and a minor fade at the end is resulting in needing 13+ hours to export back to AVI format (again with for whatever reason lower quality despite clicking options for highest reolution) and with obviously changed codecs cause they wont upload… I’m cropping the frame to remove the border and that just seems t be adding even more time, for something that shouldn’t be there in the first place, honestly what can be done about this? I’m now 3 days behind filming since I bought CS6 because it keeps butchering my videos.

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