Problem with the MPE and a GTX 660 GPU

I’m a complete beginner as far as video editing  is concerned and I need some help getting the Mercury Playback Engine to work with an NVIDIA GTX 660 video card in PrPro CS6 (trial version).  I’ve just finished building my new computer, which has the following specs: core i7-3770K CPU (running at the stock speed); 16GB RAM; EVGA GTX 660 GPU (with 2GB video RAM).  The OS is Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit).  I’ve run gpusniffer to determine the proper name for the video card (Geforce GTX 660) and added it to the supported CUDA cards text file.  When I run gpusniffer again, it reads: “Found 1 devices supporting GPU computation” and the name of the GTX 660 is listed.  When I launch PrPro and start a project, MPE Hardware Acceleration is available as a choice in the Project Settings dialog box and I can select it.


So what’s the problem, you may ask?  It’s this: there is no difference whatsoever in render times when choosing MPE Hardware Acceleration versus MPE Software Only.  Perhaps I’m missing something, but I would have expected there to be a dramatic speed-up in render times with hardware acceleration.


Any suggestions about what I’m doing wrong?  Is there something about the GTX 660 that I don’t understand that will prevent the expected rendering speed boost, despite the card having 960 CUDA cores?





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