problem with Premiere Pro CS5 project files bloating

Has anyone had the same problem that we’re experiencing? – we have Production Premium CS5 installed on a machine with Win 7 Pro x64. We have three separate edits all of which are experiencing bloating of the .prproj project file. Often this bloating seems to occur when no importing of assets has occured, just changes in the edits. A project which started at 5mb has bloated to 1.5GB and we can no longer save it. Another project has bloated to 200mb and continues to grow in size. We have not brought in any weird assets, although we are using hi-def footage.


We upgrade from CS3 and never had this problem using Premiere CS3.


We can’t fix the problem by ‘remove unused footage’ as this doesn’t reduce the project size, although it does remove the unused footage.


We can’t fix it by importing the project into a new clean project as the problem and huge file size just comes with


We can’t fix it by using the project manager to collect up the project as it requires to save before collecting and the problem files can’t be saved.


A couple of points to note – these projects were originally on Premiere CS3 and were upgraded to CS5. The footage is either Sony EX3 or Canon 5D – both HD.


The machine it’s running on has 8gb of RAM.


Currently the projects I’m working on are gradually grinding to a hold with no way to make the files usable again.


Any suggestions are greatfully recieved as I’m at a loss. I’ve reported this to Adobe, and will report back if I get anything useful.




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