Problem with fading titles in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6


I am very new to Adobe Premiere world but I am already trying hard to create nice video with lots of fade ins/outs and titles.
And unfortunately I got this problem with titles – I did titles which are basically a music lyrics. The problem is that I did titles first to match the music timings and now I am adding videos, but when the videos are getting to 100% opacity the titles are dissappearing and the only way to make them stay on the screen is to change the fade in max opacity of videos to around 60-80%. This obviously doesn’t let me enjoy the full opacity of the video. So basically the fading in video is eventually covering the titles once the opacity of 100% is reached. How can I change the priority of titles to be visible all the time? I know it should be visible by default by just watching some of the title creating lessons but for some reason it doesn’t work like that for me.

Also I have noticed that when I am trying for example to add shadow or any other effect to the text it is invisible (I was trying to use it to make titles clearer).

Is there any option I am missing to change these above? I was trying to find the answer all over the net but no one seemed to have the similar problem, so it’s probably me just missing something obvious.

Thanks for help in advance.


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