Presets for sd to hd

Hello guys!
I would like to ask you about SD to HD tips because I want to make a short film with different kinds of shooting. I’m working with Premiere Pro CS6 and I have matrox mxo LE max.
Basic video files are mov from Canon, 1920*1080, progressive scan, 30 fps, frame rate 30.
Other video files are mxf from Panasonic camera 720*576, lower fields, 50fps, frame rate 25.
Sequence settings are the same with basic video files and the export (final project) same too.
I want to do the best for better results with the other SD video files. I tried to use the Instand HD preset by REdGiant, the Magic Bullet Frames, matrox presets and premiere’s field options: always deinterlace. Is any of them useful or the export will be fine? May I use all of them, some of them or nothing? What do you propose me to do? I don’t care about the time, I want to have a great result. Thank you for your time 🙂

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