PremierePro CS6 does not interpret .R3D files properly



I have a problem using NeatVideo plugin with PremierePro CS6. The plug-in produces unacceptable results when processing with “temporal filter radius” anything other than 0 – that means that the NV plug-in compares adjacent frames. However this phenomenon happens only if the clip on the PPro timeline has been edited shorter from the beginning. If the clip is unedited on the timeline, the plug-in produces good results.


I have the same plug-in in AfterEffects CS6, and it works always perfectly. (I work with MacPro OSX 10.7.5)


So, I spoke with NeatVideo technician, and he said this happens because PPro interprets the .R3D wrong way. He said for instance the following: “AE and Pr read the original file (.R3D) using different codecs and in some cases they produce different results (meaning provide different versions of the same original frame from the input file to the host application/plug-in) or produce no results at all. For example, if the plug-in asks the host application to provide an adjacent frame (not the current one that you see in preview, but a preceding or the next frame) to conduct temporal processing and the host application does not return a proper frame because of the buggy codec (some codecs are that buggy, we saw that before) then NV will get a bad adjacent frame or not get it at all and

so it will not be able to correctly process the current frame, which will result in a lower quality output.”


So, I made experiments, and attached two examples (small details of a NeatVideo processed frame). The first (better one) is a properly processed frame (the clip was not cut or shortened on the timeline), and is the same quality I would get in AfterEffects.


detail NV processed whole clip.jpg


and the next one shows the bad quality result of the same frame (when the clip has been edited shorter on the timeline).


detail NV processed clip cut shorter.jpg


So, my conclusion is that PremierePro misinterprets the clip, looses the time reference when edited shorter from the beginning of the clip, and is not able to point the right adjacent frame(s) for NeatVideo plug-in, and therefore the plug-in produces bad results.


So, Adobe, please make a proper codec to interpret RED files (.R3D) properly in PremierePro.



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