Premiere Pro MPE performance

Hello all.

If I told you that I can layer 43 different video sources at 1080P whilst adding colour correction, scaling some big some small, placing them all over the screen and adding in opacity keyframe transitions. Then a few wacky effects such as colour inversion, drop shadow, 3D tilt.
Then what if I told you that all of this can playback in realtime on the timeline with zero dropped frames, On a laptop.

Say hello to an Nvidia GPU and graphics acceleration in premiere pro! I have to add 10 FX filters of drop shadow onto all 40 tracks before Premiere decides "Can’t cope, no more realtime playback"

If your using MPE GPU acceleration in your work-flow, How has it best helped you out? When has it ever given up the ghost for you?

Just curious to find out how other editors have found using it…

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