Premiere Pro CS3 on Windows 8 Enterprise – File Format Not Supported

Hi guys,


Some time ago I installed the Adobe Master Collection CS3 on the Windows 8 Release Preview. I had a number of problems and gave up, however as the final version of Windows 8 is now available as a 90 day trial I thought I’d try again. I know this isn’t supported but I’d like to upgrade from Windows 7 to 8 and I can’t afford to upgrade Master Collection, so I figured I’d see how far I can get.


  • So, I’ve made a clean install of Windows 8. I’ve put iTunes and QuickTime on it. I’ve not installed any Codecs (except those that would come with these).
  • I’ve opened Premiere Pro CS3 and tried an old project file. It opened but insisted a large number of media files were offline.
  • I tried opening the files in Windows – they run okay.
  • I made a new project file in Premiere and tried to import, but received:




These are files that previously imported correctly under Windows 7. They’re ones I encoded into H.264 using MPEG_StreamClip. File details:





So it looks like the codec is missing, is that the problem? I’m a bit unconvinced as I can run the videos in Windows. Is there a codec I should try?


I’ve installed Windows 8 on a partition so I’m happy to play around with this providing I can still deactivate the Master Collection at the end. I’m going to be away for a couple of days next week so apologies in advance if I don’t answer straight away 🙂




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