Premiere Pro crashes on MacBook GT650M

I’m trying to evaluate Premiere Pro for use on a MacBook Pro Retina with the nvidia GT650M.  The rMBP is new, running the latest (10.8.2) OS.  I haven’t updated nvidia drivers or attempted to install cuda.  I downloaded the Pr trial, installed it and updated to get version 6.0.2.  The rMBP’s graphics switching is disabled so the GT650M card is used full time.


With the video renderer set to “Mercury Playback Engine Software Only” I can import a video clip and play it without problem.  If I switch the renderer to OpenCL, Pr crashes after a few seconds, putting up a box that says “Sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premiere Pro to shut down.” This happens reliably whenever the project contains video and has the renderer set to OpenCL. 


Any ideas?  Are others getting Pr to work with OpenCL on the rMBP?  If so, how?  I know that Mercury’s support for the rMBP hardware is pretty new, but I’d really like to see it functional before buying Premiere.

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