Premiere encoding problems

I am using Premiere pro CS5.5 capturing from MiniDV tapes.

Premiere Settings:

29.97 frames
D1/DV NTSC (0.9091)
Lower field first
30fps drop-frame timecode

I don’t have a particular media in mind, but most of my videos are played on my pc 22" monitor.

I have used premiere only sporadically and therefore there are still several things I don’t quite understand, especially about codecs.
When I export my video, these are the codecs available to me:

animated gif
audio interchange file format
audio only
H.264 blue ray
mpeg2 blu ray
mpeg2 dvd
mfx op1a
microsoft avi
p2 movie
uncompressed microsoft avi
windows bitmap
windows media
windows waveform

A lot of them are unknown to me, the ones I have tried are (mpeg2, H.264, mpeg4 and windows media). This last one is what I use most of the times.

Just recently I’ve been editing a short video of Florence of about 9 minutes (native avi) and have used several codecs, the ones listed above, but I’m not happy with the result. The problem is that the final video does not look that good, and this is because of two main reasons.

First, there is a visible loss of image quality. The image is not as sharp or crisp as in the original footage, some of the smaller details look slightly blurred together, without definition. What I’d like, is to be able to keep original quality without ending with large files. Many people will say that the process of encoding entails some loss of quality but I see videos on youtube that looks crystal clear at 1080 resolution. Yes, I know that my video is 720×480 but their image quality seems far better than mine, what do they have that I don’t?

The second problem is Interlaced footage. Being DV AVI it is Lower fields first, and that’s ok. After I edit and encode using Windows media (NTSC source to high quality download) it’s still OK. However, when I add titles, transitions and effects that’s when I start to see lines on the edges of moving people. Because Windows media does not give me the option to choose field order, I’ve tried, using H.264 codec, with upper fields first and field order none progressive, upper is the worst with lines everywhere, and progressive does not eliminate the problem completely.
I have tried all these codecs (mpeg2, H.264, mpeg4 and windows media) and some others, but the problem is always there, sometimes more evident that others but never gone. One of the things I did was to export to microsoft avi, giving me a file of 1.8GB, then using moviemaker, I encoded the video with the settings "video for local playback (2.1 Mbps NTSC)" giving me a video file of 135Mb without any interlaced footage problem. The image quality was about the same as with windows media encoding plus dealing with huge files is not what I had in mind when using premiere to encode my videos.

So this is what I have, lower quality with interlaced footage. Everyone out there seems capable of producing fantastic looking videos, even at 720×480, except me! Please advise

This is a still of video with interlaced problem, notice man walking on the left

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