Premiere audio sync problem (VHS Conversion)

Hi All,

I have been converting some old VHSs Home Movies to DVD via a Panasonic NV GS55 Camcorder, capturing via Premiere. After I capture them Premier creates an .avi file that plays back fine (audio and video in sync) in both VLC and Windows Media Player.
But when I bring the file into a sequence in Premiere for editing the audio goes out of sync. (Not hugely out of sync…maybe a second or less)

While capturing there were some frames dropped maybe 20 or so. I guess this could be the problem but the why does the audio and video sync in VLC and WMP but not in Premiere?

Also I was able to get the audio to sync up by changing the speed of it to 100.03% (3 hour video) but then when I rendered it to an avi the audio was out of sync when I played it in VLC and WMP.

Any help is much appreciated.


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