Pr CS7 Feature Requests

I am excited about getting my hands on CS6, and congratulate the Adobe team for their hard work. 




I haven’t seen anything in the web pages or videos about these features that are vital to working editors, already requested by me and many others, but still not implemented or announced here: ats-new-and-changed.html


Please join me in requesting these features be implemented ASAP:




Ability to save track or clip based audio effect user presets.


A Scrub Audio shortcut toggle – NOT a user pref.


Ability to map multiple Keyboard Shortcuts to the same function (a la Avid: E & R keys, same as I and O).  Very convenient for two-handed editors.


Show Match Frame (Add Edit) function.


Heal Match Frame (Add Edit) command.


Dupe Detection indications in Timeline.


Shortcuts to Scale image zoom in Source and Program tabs.


Temporary Snap on or off (AKA Reverse Snap Behavior) keyboard modifier.


More obvious indicator that Timeline Snap is on.


Indicator on Clips in the Timeline that indicate Frame Blend is enabled.


Ripple Sequence and Chapter Markers.


Ripple Audio Track Keyframes.


Ability to save user/custom transition presets.


Constrain clip time movement between tracks by holding shift key, just like all other applications.


Lasso multiple keyframes.


Constrain keyframe values while holding shift key and moving them in time.


Clip Label only works on AV clips.  Not V-only.  Please make it work on V-only clips as well as AV clips.


A Track Matte function that allows us to pan and scale the clip being matted without affecting the matte size or position.  CRITICAL!


Ability to change the dimensions of a Sequence after it’s been created.  (Actually, this may be in CS6; I’m not clear.)


Make it possible to solo and mute audio in the Timeline panel; not just the Audio Mixer.


Make it brilliantly obvious when audio tracks are being soloed (or muted); not some tiny little icon that’s 1/100 the size of the interface. When you mute or solo a track in the Audio Mixer, that should be indicated in the Timeline icons and tracks as well, perhaps by shading or color, stripes, etc.


Please give us the ability to copy between in/out in a Sequence and paste elsewhere.  Workaround is to add edits (razor) where you want the in and outs before you can copy that region.  Or, you can set in/outs and lift or extract, then immediately undo.  This is a time waster; counterproductive.


No Auto-Saving right in the middle of an operation or playback, please.  Make it wait for a few seconds of inactivity before it kicks in.  No auto-saves when no changes have been made; long periods of inactivity.


Please make all Adobe apps NOT force the computer system to switch to the app that’s launching or saving after that operation is compete.  It’s VERY ANNOYING to be typing an email and have Adobe switch apps for me when it decides it’s ready.  VERY ANNOYING.


Please after using Clip > Scale to Sequence, DO NOT have the new Scale factor in the Motion tab change the clip’s scale to 100%.  That’s misleading, confusing and I see no good reason for that number to change.  If I’m using a HD clip in an SD Sequence, I want to know exactly how much more I can scale it up before it exceeds the actual scale of 100%.  So, rather than it showing me 100%, it should show 40%, or whatever the real scale factor is.


Provide a way to save TRACK AUDIO FX settings.  I work in a native Sequence to edit, and copy and paste it into an AJA sequence for color correction.  ALL my TRACK BASED AUDIO needs to carry over into the new sequence.  Without a way to save my settings, I have to manually recreate them by jumping back and forth between the old and new sequence.  Time-killer.


Change the paste behavior into a new Sequence to exactly match the track configuration from the “parent” (copy from) sequence.


Have the Program monitor remember the Zoom level for each Sequence; don’t have Zoom scale set universally by the project.  When switching between Sequences of different size, we have to reset the Zoom level each time (and with the mouse, too; not a keyboard shortcut).  Time waster.


Consistent Mouse Wheel behavior across all apps in CS, please.  Ae, Au, and Pr have different scroll wheel behaviors.




I intend to submit these to Adobe AGAIN a nanosecond after I discover they’re not in Pr CS6.  I hope you will all do the same.  And share your suggestions with us.  Strength in numbers.

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