Pr CS5 – List of supported CUDA Cards

Adobe is working on a playback and rendering engine for Adobe Premiere Pro called the Mercury Playback Engine. This new engine is NVIDIA® GPU-accelerated, 64-bit native, and architected for the future. Native 64-bit support enables you to work more fluidly on HD and higher resolution projects, and GPU acceleration speeds effects processing and rendering.


The Mercury Playback Engine offers these benefits:


  • Open projects faster, refine effects-rich HD and higher resolution sequences in real time, enjoy smooth scrubbing, and play back complex projects without rendering.
  • See results instantly when applying multiple color corrections and effects across many video layers.
  • Work in real time on complex timelines and long-form projects with thousands of clips — whether your project is SD, HD, 2K, 4K, or beyond.


Ensure your system is ready to take advantage of the Mercury Playback Engine in a future version of Adobe Premiere Pro. The Mercury Playback Engine works hand-in-hand with NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology to give you amazingly fluid, real-time performance. See it in action



* PR CS5 supports the following list of CUDA cards:



285.jpg GeForce GTX 285 Windows and MAC
3800.jpg Quadro FX 3800 Windows
4800.jpg Quadro FX 4800 Windows and MAC
5800.jpg Quadro FX 5800 Windows
quadrocx.jpg Quadro CX Windows




More hardware details:

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