PP CS3 vs PP CS4 for RT previews?

I think the RT playback setting options of PP CS3 are better than what we have in CS4. I had much more RT and the images looked smoother on an NTSC monitor when I opted for Accelerated GPU Effects in PP CS3. I see that you can select an HDMI or even an S-Video out put as the external device during RT previews using PP CS4 but the way it works now I get interlacing artifacts and odd flashes of green and white when using transitions, text titles or even PIPs with motion paths. I think the old method of PP CS3 played the VGA overlay and relied on the GPU to interlace the overlay to the NTSC monitor. I think PP CS4 tries to interlace the actual video codec of the clip to the HDMI/S-Video port during the RT preview instead of letting the GPU convert the overlay. With PP CS4 I can have the NTSC monitor preview look good or the VGA preview look good but not both. I had to realy tweak the setting of my graphics card using PP CS4 unlike the easier method of PP CS3. I see the icon to inable or disable rendered areas during RT previews is gone (Icon by the marker icon in the timeline panel).

Another thing I liked better about PP CS3 is the fact that the video card CC settings did not affect the RT previews of PP CS3. In other words I could drain the monitor images to black and white using the video cards color correction settings but it did not affect Premiere’s video clips at all. CC had to be done using Premiere’s CC (better method I think). Now the color calibrations made with the graphics card does affect the Premiere Pro RT playback.

I don’t have PP CS4 I only used the demo. I liked things the way they were. What do you folks think of PP CS4 VS PP CS3 for RT previews?

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