Powerful System With Bottleneck: PPro CS6 Preview Very Slow.

Hello there!


I’m a YouTube MotoVlogger filming with 3 GoPro cameras in 1080p, which I stack up in Premiere CS6 to get different angles. I also sometimes make use of a green-screen for other fun things and will export this as an uncompressed TGA-sequence from After Effects, with alpha of course.


I’ve been having really bad problems trying to preview my project in Premiere CS6, and despite my system being fairly-powerful, I know there’s a major bottleneck somewhere—probably with my HD setup with respect to editing. I basically can’t preview a TGA sequence (which is repeated 3 times at different scales) without rendering first.


Initially, I suspected my video card since it was a GTX550Ti and wasn’t fully-supported, but only has 192 CUDA cores. I went and got a GTX 680 with 1536 CUDA cores but noticed no real improvement. I am also not getting any kind of yellow pre-render indicator in Premiere. It’s just all red and doesn’t preview well at all.


My system specs:


Dual XEON Hexacore, 24-cores total

SSD Boot drive (OS)

Main Drive: Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5″ Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive (Premiere installed here).

3TB Backup drive (USB 3)

NVIDIA GTX 680 Video


Of course, had I known about this RAID stuff or that I would get heavy into editing, I would have gotten the system built with RAID 0, but I don’t have it and I have a lot of stuff installed, from 3D Graphics to Audio software, vinyl cutting, etc.

So, am I correct in my guess that my HD I/O is way too slow? I need to try setting the scratch disk to the SSD, but there’s only 24GB available. Total storage is about 128GB or something like that.


I was thinking of going with a USB3 External Raid 0 setup. Would this be a good fix for my Project files?


Any help is appreciated.


On an unrelated note, is it just me or is anyone else having issues using FireFox with this forum? My cursor keeps jumping back to a prior line of text! Super annoying.





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