Post-production transitions and effects

I am a noob. I am trying to edit some footage and want to create a storyboard or script that incorporates transitions between scenes and also scene setup effects. I don’t know the name or definition of what I am trying to accomplish, just the concept, so I will try to briefly explain. My end product is targeted for children. I would like to search online or the library for ways to display footage that is engaging and interesting.

For instance, when I watch Sesame Street, they sometimes split the screen into 4 squares and each square has either a picture or video clip inside it. Does this type of post-production style have a name? Not the specific 4 square setup, but the idea behind it. I know about introduction, body, and conclusion, but what about all the interesting ways the body can be edited to make an engaging series of clips which would ultimately become the "body of work"?

I am sorry if this question is absolutely silly, but I know so little of this industry.


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