Please help me find some reference clips

Hey all,

I am working on a project and have recently shot 5 clips of someone speaking towards the camera. Each clip is about 3-5 seconds long and each has either a slight dolly in (about 5 feet) towards or away from, or from left to right or right to left (again about 5 feet of camera dolly movement).

My goal is to track the persons shoulder in Mocha AE and then attach that data to a null object in After Effects and then attach text to that null object so that the text becomes locked to the person (The exact same as if the person was wearing a blank name card and I needed to add a name to it.. only in my case I’d like the font to be much larger and be locked to him beside him as I’ve left enough room in the frame for the word to sit nicely.)

My problem is I’m having trouble finding reference clips that I can sort of mimic.. As in, if you guys could link to me any commercials that you can find where there’s tracked text beside a talking head and it looks professional. (looking professional is the key here.. I’m trying to find the best font/color to go with.)

Any links that are professional looking (commercials on the net, youtube, vimeo etc..) would be great.

I’m not looking for tutorials on how to do this, more so just references to use as guides. Although tutorials wouldn’t hurt!

Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

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