Placement of all graphics and scaled video´s reset to top corner

After a full day of editing I saved the project, rendered the video and closed the app. Today I start the app to do some changes and all the graphics and scaled video’s that I had positioned throughout the video have been reset to the top corner of the video. They are still scaled to the correct size but the layout is messed up. It was a lot of work to built this project and now I can start all over.


Does anybody have any idea how/why this could have hapened?


system info

Premiere Elements 10.0 x64

fresh install, just did a pc upgrade

Win 7

no third party codecs and effects

no error messages

no third party hardware

core i5 3570K, 8GM RAM, SSD drive, no external graphics card


source material

– quicktime lossless YUV

– quicktime mpeg-4 AVC

– PNGs from PS CS6


The layout I made concists of a 1920×1080 PNG backdrop i created in PS CS6 with a ‘picture in picture’ of the two different video files and besides that a ‘slideshow’ of scaled png files synced to the video.

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