Optimal disk/RAID system for seemless 4K editing/playback



I have read through many threads on this forum, and although a lot of information, there seem to be no complete and simple answers. (I know that’s the way the world works! )


I am about to build/buy a new dual XEON NLE PC, primarily using CS6 AE, but also CS6 PP (Premiere Pro).

Now I have mainly decided on the comuter/GPU, but I am a little uncertain about the disk system, and what throughputs are needed for being able to playback and test 4K content seemless (3840×2160), even 4K x 4K (4092×4092 circular footage). Is 1GB/sec enough? 1.5GB/sec?


After reading the forums, I have come to this:

Would this be a good setup?


1. BOOT/OS/APPS : 4 x SSD 256GB in RAID 10 for speed and redundancy (giving me 512GB, and read speeds up to 1GB/sec)

2. RENDER/SCRATCH/CACHE/MEDIA : 4 x SSD (256GB enough?) or 4 x 15K RPM HD (256GB?) in RAID 0 (for speed, speed and speed, giving me 1TB storage, with up to 1.5GB/sec needed?)

3. STORAGE: 6 x 3TB SAS disks in RAID6 (for read speed, redundancy, giving me 12TB) (or RAID5 giving med slight less redundancy and 15TB)


The machine will most likely be a highly specced DELL T7600, with a DELL H710P controller for the internal discs/boot + a DELL H800 controller for controlling the RAID5/6 storage system in an external case. The DELL T7600 has a room for a maximum of 8 hard-drives (8×2.5″ SSD  / or 4×3.5″ + 4x 2.5″), that’s why I am hoping to be able to configure the way I have.


In case of need to rebuild the RAID5/6, I hope the H800 should be able to do this within reasonable time. Please do not spend your time attempting to make me go for a HP or build my own pc, I would If I had the time, and I got a very good deal on the DELL. The new T7600 has 6 PCIe ports + 1PCI, so more than enought for me), what I need here is advice on the disk system!


Any thoughts on using the BOOT/OS disk system also for the RENDER/SCRATCH tasks? It would be cheaper, but did read I should keep those two tasks apart..




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