NOW my Wife says “under 3k square feet”

When my wife was designing our current house 6+ years ago, I asked for no more than 3k square feet… and all on 1 floor


What we have is just over 4k square feet… on 2 floors (she got a “bit” carried away by the design process… and wanting “everything” she could possibly have)


While it is nice to have a dedicated theater (on those days when we are not too tired to walk upstairs) my wife has NOW decided that SHE wants a house that is no more than 3k square feet, on 1 floor


So… while she works on a new design, and begins to look for property with a “water view” somewhere not too far away from where we are now (getting older… so need to be near shopping and medical) it is MY job to start thinking about all the low voltage wiring for TV and telephone and Internet


I’ve already decided that individual wire pulls will be replaced by “structured” wiring with 2RG6 and 2Cat5-or-6 in one “wrapped wire bundle” will be the way to go… from wiring cabinet to each location there will be a possible TV connection… and individual Cat5-or-6 to locations with just a telephone connection


I will have inwall speakers at our main/large TV (no dedicate theater in the new smaller house) the same as now


What else should I think about adding to the construction budget?

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