NFL Replacement Refs – Week One?

Well, we now have a bit of an idea, how things will go, if the NFL refs stay locked out.


I watched three games today, and things were more than sloppy. I am not saying that they were as bad, as when the regular refs were betting on the games, but bad, none the less.


When three “Illegal proceedures” were not called, along with one flagrant “Offensive holding,” and then Pete Carol was given a fourth timeout, I knew that things were bad. Fast forward to the Broncos, and “Twelve men on the field,” was missed, since the replacement refs were all busy asking Payton Manning for his autograph.


Oh well, I guess that we get what we pay for… ?


Going to be a very long season, and it seems that the replacement refs have already picked the winners, and the losers, and plan on making that happen?




PS – For Rod, Go Jets!

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