Newbie wanting to make an intro

Hey everyone, I’m a new poster here and newbie editor in general.

So basically I want to make an intro for a youtube channel I’m starting. It’s for a video series related to World of Tanks and thus the intro is tank centric. (I already have some videos ready in premiere I just need a good intro, didn’t want to post them with a blank text one)

To put it short, I want to make the following as an intro;
-the start is either ingame footage of a tank, or me playing cheerfully with a scale model
-the tank shoots (I need to animate a projectile leaving the barrel, as well as a fireball following it)
-the whole previous frame should blur and slide to the left really fast, except the projectile (simulating the camera following the projectile, some "speed lines" would be awesome)
-the camera pans quickly ahead of the previous frames, spotting a title with the name of my channel
-the projectile then rushes below the text, revealing another text (in a small cloud of dust as it passes), that announces the video series
-fade into the video itself

So how would I go about making this intro myself in Premiere? Could you link any tutorials explaining the previous effects?
Any general tips or ideas regarding my intro?
If anyone has an example of something similar in Premiere I’d love to observe it.

Thanks in advance.

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