New version – old problems + new! (Premiere CS6.0.3)

I updated Premiere to version 6.0.3 but most critical problems are still there!


1) Premiere is unable to open Broadcast WAV files (with  size of more than 4Gb).

– Please, give an advise, how to record to tape 1h40min movie with 12 channels of sound.


2) Premiere is unable to export WAV-files with size of more than 4Gb (seems, for the same reason as stated above).


3) Only 8 channels for Insert and Assemble are available in “Export to tape”, even if I have 16-channel timeline.


4) Problem with export to tape and 00:00:00:00 timecode still unsolved.

– Please, give an advise on how to insert audio or video to prerecorded tape with TC, starting at 23:59:00:00 and ending at 00:01:00:00 (on tape).


5) New problem: It’s impossible to close “Export to tape” dialog.


6) New problem: When I’m running Rhozet Carbon Coder and Premiere CS6.0.3 simultaneously, Premiere freeze video playback unexpectedly. In that case audio is still going and Premiere does not report drop frames. That happens even in “Export to tape” mode.


I’m using several tape recorders (SRW-5500, MSW-M2000P, DVW-A500P, BVW-75P, etc..), Blackmagic Multibridge Eclipse (drivers version 9.6.5), Supermicro dual Xeon motherboard, 24Gb, 14Tb Adaptec RAID, FX-5800, Windows7 with most recent updates.


I’m reporting that bugs since December 2011, but nothing happens.

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